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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Ken and Ellen talk about their weekends, and Ken’s heroic purse story! Next the team talks about video games and kids these days. Ellen is very excited to go to Rose City Comic Con and has some cosplay plans!


Sometimes the world needs The World Needs a Hero, sometimes the world needs Notoriously Unreliable!

Season 2 of The Notoriously Unreliable Podcast is upon us! We change up the entire structure of the show by talking about topics such as: Food! Star Trek! Camping…. Awww, we’re not fooling anybody. It’s more of what you already know and love!

Ellen goes on a chilling camping trip and finalizes plans for Rose City Comic Con. Ken covers his limited food specialties and Ellen shares some Breaking Food News! Then Ellen shows some pictures of rabbits!


Enjoy a second helping of Notoriously Unreliable!