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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ellen and Ken comment on the hottest thing currently sweeping the Northwest (hint: it is literally fire).  Then they chat cheeses, what not to eat when wearing braces, favorite artificial flavors, and the importance of gym buddies.

After Ellen’s rough week, she and Ken discuss body augmentations for self-enhancement.  And then comes a lengthy discussion of overrated bands.

Come spy on episode 007, where the team trashes terrible deli food, and Ellen reveals her brief stint into veganism.  Then things take a spooky turn when her and Ken talk about costume ideas for this upcoming All Hallows Eve.  And finally they break down the issues surrounding etiquette in public and private bathrooms.

Ken’s wife Hillary drops by Not Reliable Studios and makes her first official appearance this episode.  The trio talks Kardashians vs. Cardassians, eyesight problems and solutions, childhood movie-induced traumas, and Godzilla after the 80’s.

Listen to Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men: