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Monthly Archives: February 2016

During the last break, Ellen has been watching Twin Peaks, and Ken has been examining the meaning of it all. Dire Straits makes a rare appearance on the podcast. In (completely made-up) name. The crew examines the structural integrity of bridges before settling in to eat babies, then talk about the difficulty lowering the shields and letting good stuff in. Finally, Ken and Ellen discuss the current movie releases.

Maximize your mass-to-surface area ratio with Notoriously Unreliable!

Ellen gets her hair done. Ken brews beer and distributes swords to children. The mystery of the sonic shower is probed, which naturally leads to an inventory of the Star Trek movies that you should be seeing, and those that you should not see. The inaugural Notoriously Unreliable Anti-Bump is doled out to the deserving.

Fill both ear-holes with a solid slug of Notoriously Unreliable!

Ellen brings things down and really gets real with the youth of today. Then we probe the depths of the young twenty-something trying to get “out there”. Finally, Ken and Ellen want to believe, just not hard enough in the X-Files.

The truth is out there! Maybe not here, but hell, how wrong could we be on Notoriously Unreliable!?