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Ellen regales Ken with a story of when she rubbed elbows with a past leader of the free world, then Ken and Ellen hang their heads in shame as they recount their high school fashion faux pas.  Finally Ken extols the trials and tribulations that come with a bicycle work commute.

Turn on all the lights in the house and sleep in shifts, as the 2015 Halloween Spooktacular slowly sneaks up behind you.  Ellen and Ken discuss the intricacies of name changes before getting down to business with a discussion of spooky movies.  Ken tells tale of a recent horror movie binge, and Ellen reveals she wasn’t even born when she experienced her first horror movie.

Warning: Ken spoils who the killer is in the first Nightmare on Elm Street.  Or Friday the 13th.  One of those.

Ken and Ellen talk pumpkin patch tactics, and Ellen shills for Amazon Prime for free.  Then buckle in to hear about how a video game embarrassed Ken on a first date, a rant about Daylight Saving Time, and finally Ellen’s treatise on the effect of age and hormones on a person’s music preferences.

Fear not the chilly autumn weather as Ellen brings the cape back into vogue. Then we take you back to your favorite childhood memories with a tour of sugary cereals. Finally, reply to every RSVP with “no” as Ken and Ellen contend with party anxiety.

Get the cold cuts out of the fridge, and listen in as Ellen and Ken discuss favorite sandwiches.  But be sure to save room for the main course, as they experience the highs and lows of the most important meal of the day: Breakfast.  Finally, boil up your biggest kettle of water, throw in some hops, and follow along as Brewmaster Ken doles out some homebrew wisdom.

Ellen regales Ken with the intricacies of Pedicures.  Then dust off your tchotchkes and listen in as Ellen brags about her latest garage sale finds.  And finally the moment everyone has been waiting for: a lengthy discussion about the 1996 movie Space Jam!

Relax and de-stress as Ellen extols the virtues of acupuncture, then marvel in amazement as Marti comes close to nailing the spelling of Tchaikovsky.  Finally, Ellen and Ken swap Oktoberfest stories, complete with a derail to late 80’s pop band Milli Vanilli.

Ken and Ellen discuss strip club stories, including what it’s like getting kicked out of one.  They then share tips on getting a better nights’ sleep, teaching others to drive, and explain to Marti the tradeoff between buying and leasing a car.

This week, Ellen and Ken discuss childhood injuries, foibles with their first cars,  Hollywood Squares and Canadian game show hosts, and their experiences with religion.

Grab your sparklers and strike up the band to celebrate the Notoriously Unreliable 10th Episode Spectacular!  Ellen and Ken discuss the simple glory of Frito pie.  They then transition to office supply courtesy, hanging out in airport and bus station lobbies, and finish with a discussion on movies that stand the test of time.