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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Ellen and Ken realize that thing you should try to never realize: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is 30 years old. Ellen meets a Hemingway, while Ken does not play mini golf. Ken and Hilliary celebrate their anniversary in Eugene. Ellen has a picnic at the river, and forgets some stuff. Ken misses the Sandy river float. Finally, Ellen watches Netflix.


From the days of long ago. From uncharted regions of the universe, comes Notoriously Unreliable!

Traffic sucks on the way to The Subterranean Recording Lair. The Ships are in town, and the heat is on. Ken wants to see a movie made by a computer learning algorithm and gets into a deep smoke alargument. Ellen covers chemtrails and Kingdom of Heaven, and finally, the crew discusses some Zelda.


Bring the monster bait before you go in to Notoriously Unreliable!

Ellen and Ken try to decide when would be the best time to fill your gas tank (spoiler: before it’s empty), then Smart Car crumple zones are examined. Then the team begins their plans for the Star Trek random alien generator. Some time is dedicated to The Outback, but mostly for the barbie, not the Fosters. Ken bakes a damn fine pie, and Ellen professes her love of parachutes.


Run, don’t walk, to the next Notoriously Unreliable!

This week Ken and Ellen sit down, have a beer and cover that old chestnut: TV commercials. Then, they get personal with the names they’ve been called over the years, which (naturally) leads to slide projection technology’s advance. Ken decides to paint his fridge, so it doesn’t get jealous of his dishwasher. Finally, Ellen reports on her viewing of Captain America: Civil War.


Get your Donk-Donk on with Notoriously Unreliable!