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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Ellen blasts her glutes, and pays the glute-blastin’ price, then hear all the office meeting ins and outs that you ever wanted to hear. All of them. Then get your vehicle serviced on time, but not by “those guys”.

Every 3,000 miles, drain and re-fill your crank case with Notoriously Unreliable!

Catch up with Ellen and Ken to find out about the turmoil in the office worlds they live in, then prepare yourself for the Interdimentional Celebration of Ellen’s Birthday. Finally, get all your Star Wars spoilt for you with a thorough examination of Kylo Ren’s space station permit requests.

Find more fun than Sly Stallone at Taco Bell with Notoriously Unreliable!

Thrill as Ellen and Ken catch you up on all the holiday shenanigans. Thanksgiving has more food than this podcast can eat. Christmas has lights and terror. Finally, fill in that gap late in the evening of December 31st.

Get less reliable in the new year with Notoriously Unreliable!