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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Ken regales Ellen with tales from a recent camping trip.  Then things start heating up as Ken an Ellen discuss competition-level spicy foodstuffs.  Finally, the podcast spins off a discussion about spinoffs of spinoffs.

Ellen uncovers hidden treasure from faraway lands at an estate sale.  Her and Ken discuss advantages, pitfalls, and foibles of airline travel.  And finally, what happens in Vegas stays… on the podcast?!  Ken reveals an impromptu journey he made as a young man to The City of Lights.

Ken explains what it’s like performing live in front of a sold-out crowd at The Schnitz.  Then they both share their favorite comfort movies, Ellen gives up smoking cold-turkey, and she also confesses to a short-lived gambling addiction from years ago.  Info about Ken’s band can be found at

Fireworks fly as Ken and Ellen talk about their respective Independence Day celebrations!  Ken discloses the secret to perfect burgers, and gets help from Ellen on compiling a list of must-see time travel movies for his wife.  Ellen recalls the greatest 80’s crossover nobody has seen, and they both mash up the best 80’s show nobody has the guts to make.

Ellen and Ken briefly discuss gavel etiquette, Ken talks about his first naked bike ride, Ellen reveals she lived the lyrics a Presidents of the USA song, they dwell upon the difficulty of old console games, and then they both disclose their favorite host of MST3K.