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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Ellen and Ken warm things up with some pillow talk, then move on to the finer ways to be picked on as a child… your name. Ellen fondly recalls A Different World, mostly for the flip-up glasses. Then Ellen shares her plans for RCCC and Ken covers his fun at ECCC. The crew compares tattoos and Sesame Street. Finally, Ken’s phone dies, which reminds him to ride his bike.

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The team fleshes out the plot of Pong-2, then ponders the question on everyone’s mind: Does Superman even shave? Then the crew reviews Star Trek movie rankings and throws Jack Ryan movie rankings on the pile, you know, to round things out. Ken has a lawn, and Ellen has surgery. Then Ellen gets schooled. Will have got schooled? Will have been schooled? Anyway, the first Kool-Aid sighting of spring occurs.

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